Filipina Camgirl Review

Best Sex Cam Model Sky: Enthusiastic – Candid – Sensual


            I could write an entire book about Sky! I have been following her and attending her cam shows for the past two and a half years and I can frankly say the she is one of the best ever models on Chaturbate. I titled this case study “Enthusiastic – Candid – Sensual” but I could go on and on about the list of positive character traits that she highlights through her personality and cam shows. All I would have to do is open any good thesaurus and I effortlessly find dozens of adjectifs that qualifies her as a truly genuine and exceptional cam model. 

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        First of all she is super cute! But beware, she’s not innocent nor gullible. Sky is the one who runs her show and if an overconfident viewer tries to push her to the side to take over, it won’t take but three seconds before she puts him right back where he belongs, to the greatest  enjoyment of the other attendees. I have found myself unable to resist the impulse to burst out laughing on a few occasions and by reading the text comments in her chat room I know that I’m not the only one who truly appreciates her frankness and razer-sharp mind. Don’t get singed by this bee! I’ll always take her side and back her up when someone get’s impolite in the room or judgmental about her. If you would be tempted tp qualify some of her responses as being rude, think again. Sky is a girl alone in her room with on the best night no less than ten thousands viewers watching her show. If you had a store and someone comes in and starts to make a mess, would you let them do it? Certainly not, and nor would Sky. Sky cares about her viewers and her intentions are most definitely geared towards making sure that we can continue to enjoy the experience during her shows. Some models let a moderator take care of that, Sky don’t need a mod, she’s the queen in charge, but she sure ain’t no bitch. She truly one of the most enthusiastic and candid cam model on Chaturbate, and I give her props for being able to run a show with thousands of viewers who all have different  personalities and expectations. When I mean “candid” I don’t mean it in the “naive” sense of the term, but in the best sense of the term: she’s frank and impartial and these can be defined as positive qualities in her case. 

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            Did you say enthusiastic? Oh yes! She loves what she does and put her whole heart, body and soul into it. And the most faithful and generous tippers in her room just love that about her. What a pity it is that some people still think that a sex show is just about sex. Let me put it this way: I have a dick, right? (I won’t show it to you but you can take my word for it). I was born with it, it’s attached to my body, and there is no “turn off” switch on it, unless I haven’t found it yet. But I’m over forty, so if I haven’t seen it yet, then it’s probably not there. Does that mean that I don’t have a heart and a brain also? I have all three, and for the most part they work in conjunction with one another. The fact that I can enjoy the pleasures of the physical aspects of sex don’t mean that I don’t feel pleasure also in my mind and soul. There is absolutely no turn on for me when watching a model who takes no pleasure whatsoever in any of those three dimensions. A model is pretty? That turns me on. A model enjoys what she’s doing and gets some pleasure from it? That turns me on. A model is genuine and cares that everyone else enjoys the moment? That turns me on, too. Add all these ingredients together and I’ll keep coming back for more, and so do the other guys whom have a dick, a brain, and a heart! Sometimes I can be at work and have a room open on one of my screens and just enjoy a bit conversation and social connection while I’m doing some work. Other times I’ll skip work and it’s all about the show, making sure nothing gets in the way of total enjoyment. Sky is like that, too. She’s not just about the sex, and she’s enjoy communication with guys that are intelligent, educated and polite. And no matter what else I’m doing while the show runs on one of my screens, I’ll always be tipping the model, remembering that, hey, this id her job and it pays her bill. Although super cute, she does have a naughty side to her, that’s what I like, too. She’s proud of that and not afraid to show it. That’s a smart attitude. We all have our little secret garden and naughty side, and it’s kinda cool to be able to be in a room with a model like Sky, who’s not ashamed of it, and although we can share with her the pleasures of sex during a show, there is nothing rude, perverted, or dirty about it. I would call it safe sex at it’s best. If during a show Sky don’t feel too well or not in the best mood to give it her best, and we all have those moments, it’s part of being human, she’ll just tell us and explain what’s going on. Now I reassure you by saying that it does not happen often, but if it does, we can act human, right? Communication is the key to understanding. I don’t know of any genuine viewer who hasn’t come back the next day to encourage her (kind words or tipping, both works) and to pick things up where they were left. And I tell you, when Sky is into it, and that’s 99,9% of the time, o boy, you’re in for a show! 

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        That brings us to the third quality of this most amazing Chaturbate model and her cam room: Sensuality, sensuality, and sensuality! Now that is hard to find among sex cam models! And when you find it, you just can’t get enough. When she stares at the screen with that sensual look in her big brown eyes I get literally hypnotized, and I like it. Sex without sensuality in the most boring thing in the world for me. You really have to see it when she does that, and she does every day, there is just nothing more arousing in my opinion. Having said that, she also is a little sexual bomb ready to explode anytime. Here’s a tip: Although any top amount sent in a repetitive manner, the 100 tokens tip does wonders for her. I can imagine how that does it for her, since the intensity of the vibration level of the toy that gets activated at that moment increases greatly. When guys start tipping one’s or three or fives tokens tip in a row, I love to take over with 25, 50 and especially 100 tokens tips. Sometimes a single 100 token tips will get her to squirt level, but most of the time I don’t stop there and I’ll throw in a few high tips in a row. That’s kind of a little “mind and sex game” that I like to play with a model when she is responsive. The key is to it at the right moment, once Sky is getting near climax point. Or you can just come in the room and start blasting tips to her, that will get her there, too! Don’t ever be afraid to interrupt a conversation she’s having with the group. Sky is very playful and conversations usually can wait. She’ll never get mad at you for activating her loveless vibrator (Vibrators and didlo’s made by Lovense are the best on the market and models like users love playing with them). There are time where successive tips just won’t stop flowing, and when that happens, well in terms of excitement, pleasure and orgasms, as her stage name indicates: The SKY is the limit.

            How would I rate Sky after over three years of investigation and study of the world of sex cam show? 

Rating in satisfaction percentage: 100/100 – no disappointments whatsoever 

Rank among my favorite models: Although she does have a few other competitors, she has faithfully remained in the TOP 3 at all times. If you’re looking for a great sex cam model on Chaturbate, I can vouch for her and I’ll continue to encourage and support her with my praises and my tips. 

With Sky you will enjoy fun times, great conversations, a room full of respectful, generous and intelligent viewers, great shows, and the best combination of cuteness/craziness/sensuality/genuine sex enjoyment/highest level of arousing 

The craziness refers to her spontaneous fast beat dance sessions (I told you, she’s also the most joyful model on Chaturbate). 

A special note about her : She’ll let a few very exciting words out slip out of her mouth during the high level vibration moments, and that voice combined with that look in her eyes, well, you’ll see and thank me for introducing you to her shows later. Please do drop me a quick note or comment under this post when you’ve experience it. I always enjoy reading that and so does she. (I don’t know if she’ll read this review, but another way is to text her in the public room during her show or with a tip note when sending her an online or offline tip).

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